The project

MapField is a cooperation between GEUS, Aarhus University, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Seges, Aarhus Geosoftware, NIRAS, Central Denmark Region and the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.

The project is headed by GEUS and has a budget of approx. DKK 30 mio. of which the Innovation Fund Denmark has invested approx. DKK 19 mio. The project runs for a little more than three years and is expected to close in the end of 2021.

The vision

The vision of MapField is to develop innovative environmental technologies for intelligent environmental regulation of the nitrogen (N) management in agriculture. The generated knowledge in MapField is important and crucial for implementation of more targeted N-regulation of Danish agriculture, which has most recently been expressed in the political agreement from 2018.

MapField’s technologies will ensure environmentally sustainable development of the Danish agricultural food production meeting the demands of the EU environmental directives.