Field sites

MapField includes both validation and demonstration areas. In the validation areas, we test the developed methods in MapField against long time series of measurement data. In the demonstration areas, we show the potential of the MapField methods to select and place N-mitigation measures optimally in the landscape.



Validation areas

We test to see if the developed methods in MapField can give the necessary information about hydrogeological structures and geochemical processes in the subsurface to be able to establish models for the water and N transport with a sufficiently high accuracy.

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  Sandy or loamy soils shown in a map over Denmark.

Demonstration areas

Based on knowledge from the validation areas, the entire MapField concept will be tested in selected demonstration areas. Relevant local stakeholders will be included in the process. Stakeholder engagement is important, as the goal of the MapField concept is to select and place measures (such as catch crops, mini-wetlands, etc.) in the landscape optimally, in order to efficiently reduce the losses of nutrients to the aquatic environment.

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